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Parandhayya’s Convention Center Pvt Ltd is an innovative venture aimed at creating beautiful memories through our multifunctional, customizable space which spans over an area of 3 acres. This space can be used to accommodate multiple events of different sizes, ranging from very small to large scale events.

The Facility is located at 14-1-114 GBC Road, Ponnur, Guntur Dt, Andhra Pradesh, India-522124. We are easily accessible by the public through all means of transportation. PCC facility is established as a convenient and luxurious event centre suitable for families irrespective of the size. This location is present within the newly approved CRDA limits. We aim to establish ourselves as a successful part of the industry by providing high quality services to our customers. We exist to serve the general public by giving them a comfortable and safe place for them to make memories with their loved ones. The infrastructure and facilities of our convention center is top-notch and suitable for extremely upscale events as well.

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With our passion, knowledge, creative flair and inspiration, we are
dedicated in helping you to achieve.

  • Checklist Development and Management.
  • Photo,Video,Audio
  • Wedding Styling.
  • Etiquette Consultation.
  • Vendor Recommendations.
  • Monthly Planning Meetings.
  • Concierge Assistance.
  • Hotel / conference venue management
  • Exhibition management
  • Venue finding
  • Catering arrangements
  • Managing your guest list
  • Assisting with rentals
  • Budget Development and Tracking.
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